Leonardo Vargas

Resident artist March 2011

His work deals with certain visual culture issues in relationship with artistic visual practices as systems of representation –evident in a strong dialogue with painting- and  inquiries on the possibilities offered by the wandering condition of  Images (“We run into them at anytime, anyplace, transfer them, manipulate it, carry them in usb’s..”). This condition of “emptiness” that was acquired from the moment they got rid of the signified, the meaning and the reference constitutes the departure point of his Work. As a consequence, a question for the status and place of Artistic image itself emerges.  For him, images just got rid of a certain kind of meaning, a certain way of being looked at. His work “aims to reflect on the effects of the “loss” of this way of being seen for images-which possibly still remains now as ruins of something, as some kind of trace”. According to Leonardo,  “It does not seem very likely that they ask to be filled with new meaning or references. They are content themselves, but again, may be the sort of content that demands some kind of presence or that demands this presence to be mobilized”

Website: http://leonardovargas.weebly.com

Click here to check Leonardo’s posts and latest news while in residence!


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