Joyce Overheul

Resident artist spring 2013

Joyce’ work resolves around the elements of participation and manipulation, blending in the arts with daily life situations. Her work can be seen as a range of social experiments where she creates artificial situations to generate participation from a crowd, often without that crowd being aware that they actually have become participants. Social psychology and advertisement strategies always have been very important in Overheul’s work, allowing her to manipulate the crowd and at the same time confront them with their own behaviour. Joyce is very curious about what exactly makes one want to participate, even if the intentions of a project aren’t made clear to its participants. Another very important aspect of her work is the notion of people being unaware of the boundary between public and private space in the online world, for instance our activity on websites like Facebook and Twitter: what should be shared and what not, and how does or should this influence the way we (should) behave online?


Click here to check Joyce’s posts and latest news while in residence!


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