Fariborz Farid

Resident artist April and May 2011

Still from a filmed drawing.

In his latest works Fariborz has been using video to connect pieces of drawings and the procedure of drawing through this time-based medium. A piece of drawing is a static format that he considers as conceptual as writing. In his work both writing and drawing enjoy the similar qualities in the creation. By filming a drawing he aims to show how a piece of drawing has been made and follow the lines in a way that one can read it. He usually uses his own voice to narrate the action and bind motion picture and drawing together. His interest in narration is an outcome of his illustration career that he kept using in the very short fragmented videos that he creates either with his cell-phone or his point-and-shoot photo camera. This recurrent action has been gaining importance in his work as he has been exploring the fiction-like character of narration at the service of drawing and imagery.

He sees himself as a documentarian: “either I write and draw or narrate about the reflections of a society”.

You can find out more about his work on his website ->  http://www.fariborzfarid.com/

Click here to check Fariborz’ posts and latest news while in residence!

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