It is not easy to make a documentary, specially when it is a one man show

roughly 300 kilometers of cycling to find locations and proper scenes around Kinderdijk, windmills, Rotterdam, Dordrecht...

Film making is difficult!  Specially when it is a one man show.  To find a proper place for a couple of shoots, I made a rather huge trip.  An avarage of 30 kilometers every day by race bike here and there to places that roughly makes 370 kilometers.  It was already difficult to transport the bike to the far away village so I got the chance to cycle to the village on my own by bike from Utrecht down to Kinderdijk.  Although I had my extra motivation to do it! the main reason to take the bike to the location was to discover the area quicker and save some time for the rest of the projects.  I am the cameraman, director, transporter, narrator and all the other crew.  No actors casting!  the nature and what comes in front of the camera are the actors playing for the documentaries; Likewise the filmed drawings I made few months ago.  I made the actors by drawing, spoke for them, told them how to act, filmed them, and finally projected them – plus losing the actors (drawings) while I was moving out from the studio.

I am not speaking as an arrogant artist that “what I did is quite unique to myself and just me and me and me” but I like to point at the fact of documenting I am using.  I used the concept of documenting the fiction before moving to the residency, as I was dealing with it shortly before.  Documentary film makers give voice to what comes in front of the camera and what they put in front of it, but I gave voice to what does not exist in front or behind the camera in the filmed drawings.  They are both creating.  One with the elements that the director finds, the other is what the director makes others to find.  Now in the nature I film the reflections upside down.  In fact I change the way we all look at the reality but it is still reality and “the real”.

Back to the begining:  I cycle almost daily to find a spot with reflections in the water.  I love that.  The reflections are like existence of a dream.  If the weather is windy, there will not be any reflections worth to be shot.  Today was a precious day!  I was waiting for that indeed!  I check the weather also daily and there are just a few days in a months that are not windy – specially in Kinderdijk that supposed to be windy, and the multiple windmills were built there because it has been windy for ages, since the day of creation, and Adam and Eve.

Anyways it is a bit to the point that I investigate the locations and the wind blows.  To be continued…

P.S:  In terms of saving the final cut for the last show in May 27th I will not post videos I am making on the blog.  Just a very short one in the previous post is available to give a wee clue to you guys who are reading the article.


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