A fresh Polaroid from my observation today.

Sitting in the room, observing the nature through the window pane, a caravan pulls over in front of the studio window.  A rather old woman gets off the car gently, stretches her body, and looks around.  While the car door was open I heard their radio or CD player on, listening to a Dutch song that was quite similar to the other Dutch songs that I had listened to before.  I do not understand the language very well so I lose both the lyrics and the music.  I had set an activity for myself at the school-time years ago to learn several languages.  I put a lot of time to discover the rest of the world by its languages if I could not travel to it.  But now after a long time of almost 10 years that I worked on this obsession I see myself paralyzed to make another step to communicate in Dutch.  Passing the thoughts in my mind I prepared coffee in the flat and kept my eye on the local tourists still observing the area and the large dijk close by, called Schoordijk.  They are looking at the canal and me – as a part of their surrounding – and me looking at them.  Coffee anyone?


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