On the idea of presence,

On paiting more specifically, is always there, even overrated sometimes (when the strokes work as a trace coming from the genius author) for instance. Reversals on this idea have been made before (they would be implied in Lichtenstein’s or Buren’s works) but the everyday routine of watching images on google or youtube is already a whole reversal on this. It just doesn’t make sense to me to stick to that postmodern aim of questioning the notion of author. There’s no need.  Is more about presence rather than author and is more about mobilizing rather than questioning per se. Setting something in motion always requires questioning. Anyway, I think I’m talking too much. Two installations came up from this kind of reflection, still is an ongoing thing (…and I’m still not sure if I should present them for the final exhibition btw) :

"Third Act" Installation view. Variable dimensions 2011

"Godmother's Assistant" Video Installation. Variable dimensions. 2011


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