A short note -On Abstraction (again)

…Continuing the exploration of what painting implies as a system of representation or more particularly its specificities (yes, I know it was made half a century ago and 1000 pages have been written on that, I just wanted to do it myself-again-) I have thought that those specificities are not only related to the image but also to the object itself and what surrounds it, the mechanisms behind its display (the white cube/museum space) and that involves a whole set of tools…

Coming back to the object, Again abstraction (late abstraction since the NY school& Informalism) as painting aware of being painting , reflecting on itself as media by revealing the strokes, the materiality of the paint, the texture of the canvas…  well, I just thought of  the wooden structure on which the canvas is fixed (you don’t quite see it often, right ?) and at the same time it  would be another way to make the canvas visible…

Anyway, Just a short visual/painterly comment ;)


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