On tiles and Crime scenes

Two small comments on abstraction again… I just remembered what  -I think it was Rosalind Krauss – said about Pollock’s painting… : by putting the canvas on the floor he was breaking the whole tradition of  painting, even as much as Picassso did or maybe even in a more aggressive way in which he was taking it further- But then again the canvases were hung afterwards and that fact is assumed by her as some kind of denial of what he did before on the paintings themselves…

So I just wondered how they would look on the floor. During the process I put them on the floor sometimes to see them from different angles and avoid the light reflection on the glossy oil paint. So I put them all together. Then I remembered one of the works by Robert Morris -or was it Richard Serra?- in which he places some kind of tiles on the floor and visitors still keep a distance between them and the work. By using objects that occupy not too much physical space -almost insignificant in terms of three dimensional objects- he manages to create a strong sensation of presence…

Just a small try out to see how it could work that way….

PS: I got it now! It was Carl André…I guess I’m forgetting that kind of specific info…which might be a good thing.

Good Night!


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