First Notes

These posts just intend to be informal single notes of random thoughts on the process rather than a map or a summary at the end of the day.

After checking the place on broad daylight,  I couldn’t help thinking of doing something with the space inside the house, the rooms kind of reminded me those you see in horror movies from the 70’s. The patterns on the paper covering the wall were quite familiar (vertical stripes like the ones you can see in late modern abstraction, and then you have all this dialogue between abstraction and table clothing)  Abstract painting is not a radical nor avant garde expression anymore and it would be ridiculous now to talk about it in terms of  Purity or liberation of colour, line and the components of painting. It would also be ridiculous to point at it as a failure absorbed and fallen in the trap of capitalist production and commercial products. Now it is something else, and what is left from it can still be used as a tool.  It was 4 years ago that I worked on canvas for the last time and perhaps 5 years since I painted with just pure oil paint without mixing it, just in the traditional sense. After all that time, coming back to the canvas was kind of strange (and definitely not the same as before since I don’t think of it in the same way) but still pleasant somehow (the materiality of the paint, the smell..) and all these things behind the discourse of painting as a long tradition.

What is left of it as system of representation is just an open gesture that refers to an activity (artistic or not) an action, a movement, trace, and perhaps (as image) to itself as media or a particular period in Art History.   What intrigues me is this idea of presence that has almost always been there in the discourse of painting and how it still circulates and works…


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