Video Diaries meeting

On February 27th Kinderdijk Project hosted a meeting for artists who are working on a project called Video Diaries. They shared initial outcomes of their research and engaged in a exciting conversation about their current practice and future expectations.

(a beautiful dinner of freshly made pasta was served!)

About Video Diaries project:

Project that points to address on the activity of artistic practice, autonomous artistic research androduction as outcomes of Art education within specific contexts out of the Art Academy.

As a project developed by artists that recently undertook a master in Fine Arts and are an outcome of an art education system that is “moving towards academization”, the project aims to contribute to generate a dialogue between academic processes that take place within the Art school and the world outside the academy by showing how recently graduated artists trying to make sense of the art world outside the academic sphere. This group of Artists found themselves in a time and a space/situation where the “strong expectations of research trajectories” that once where encouraged while pursuing their studies seem to take a different direction shaped by their own current “reality”/everyday.

These series of videos aim to strip away the preconceptions surrounding the artist’s life and work and focus on the everyday observations, thoughts, concerns, dreams, joys and frustrations of the group. Outside of the academy These Artists still keep research and practice going and  want to show how the relevance and beauty  of the practice is not only in the result of these processes, but also in the journey itself. In the way They all cope with continuously making, producing and thinking while “conforming” to make a living whether working as a postman, a cook, a teacher, a housewife or a waitress. These are all motivations to keep them going. Ultimately as artists exploring and discovering the relationships and the different positions that they have been presented with, as a route towards continuing practice, dialogue and reflection within both a professional and informal level.


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